A show about the law and lawyers. But not, per se, FOR lawyers. Sure, Wards Legal Matters does feature lawyers from one of Central Ontario’s leading law firms, participating in smart examinations and discussions about an oft-misunderstood topic – the law. But host Denis Grignon – who’s NOT a lawyer – guides the conversation in an engaging, entertaining manner, using clear language that everyone can understand and relate to. Theme music by Lindsay’s own, Sean Jamieson.

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Tuesday Jul 02, 2024

If they tell you they’re being stalked, believe them.
That’s the message from someone who works for a local social agency that cares for women in crisis, as well as a criminal lawyer whose files include cases of stalking. But it can be a complex issue – especially with how the legal system can act on it.
Alisha Fisher, community services manager with Women’s Resources, describes how stalking affects its victims – emotionally, financially and in terms of their own safety.
Lawyer Alex McLeod explains how the legal system works to protect those victims, and sets boundaries for those accused of it.
And lawyer Karissa Ward tells us why Wards Lawyers lends much support to Women’s Resources.
This episode deals with sensitive subject matter. Please take care when listening.
Theme music by Sean Jamieson.

Friday May 31, 2024

In this special episode, we take our show on the road for a live recording at IE Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay. And the verdict is in: students in Mr Bergman’s Grade 12 law class came very well-prepared with a court room full of great questions for our panel of legal experts. Sam Drebit, Alex McLeod, Tory Smith, Hamid Asrar and Audrey Gregory addressed everything from lot severances and separation agreements, to jury selection and “the strangest case you’ve ever handled.” 
Theme music provided by Lindsay singer-songwriter, Sean Jamieson.

Wednesday May 01, 2024

When you move into that newly-built house – (and there are many springing up in Kawartha Lakes) – there’s always a risk you’ll discover a....discrepancy. Maybe it’s a different flooring than you were expecting from the builder. Or it’s a crack in the foundation. Or worse. What’s your legal recourse? Lawyer, Calvin Chan, offers some insight and tips before, during and after you walk through the door of that brand new home.
And Articling Student, Victoria Smith, “leans” into a new installment of “That’s Not A Thing.”
Theme music by Sean Jamieson.

Monday Apr 01, 2024

For those of us who live in a small town, we’ve pretty much heard all the jokes.
The “Welcome” and “Come Again” sign on the same post. Your vehicle doesn’t need a turn signal, since everyone knows where you’re going. And so on...
These (cough) “jokes” are wildly mythical and unfair. 
Sort of.
Because, you see, a smaller population CAN make life more...familiar. As in, you’re bound to bump into someone you know when grocery shopping, gassing up the car, taking the kids to the library or hockey.
For lawyers practicing in a small centre – especially if they grew up there – that unique community atmosphere can present challenges. But it also offers some distinct advantages, too. We speak with Ryan O’Neill and Alex McLeod – both with Wards Lawyers in Lindsay  - about the pitfalls and pluses of practicing in their hometown. 
We also introduce a new feature called Advice-Tips. In this installment, Wards Lawyers law clerk Patti Chambers offers some sage counsel when preparing that will.
Theme music courtesy of singer-songwriter – and fellow C of KL resident!  – Sean Jamieson.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

That transition from post-secondary to your first career job can be – and usually is – daunting.
“This is sure different than school!” is, indeed, a common refrain.
But here’s the thing: isn’t it supposed to be different? And challenging? And scary? But also rewarding and re-assuring?
We speak to five people studying law - Desiree Tomaselli, Abbie Haskell, Audrey Gregory, Aaron Huizinga and Victoria Smith - about their journey from the desk in an academic lecture hall, to a desk in an actual law firm.
And if you think it’s a no-brainer to “press charges” or “drop charges,” we’re here to tell you that’s not a thing. Well, actually, law clerk Sam Drebit is – in a regular segment we call (wait for it!) “That’s Not A Thing!”

Episode 2 - Trailer

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

In this, our inaugural episode, we take a look at how the law and lawyers are portrayed on TV and in film. Lawyers Calvin Chan, Alex McLeod and Hamid Asrar, along with law clerk, Samantha Drebit, and articling student, Aaron Huizinga, do it through an especially Canadian legal lens. Eh! Theme music by Lindsay’s own, Sean Jamieson.



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At WARDS LAWYERSPC, we understand that legal issues can cause significant stress and strain on one’s emotional and mental well-being. That’s why we are passionate about providing personalized legal solutions to our clients, so that they can navigate through these challenging times with ease and return to a state of peace-of-mind.

We believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional legal representation, and we are committed to making that a reality for all of our clients. Whether you’re navigating a Family Law matter, Real Estate transactions, Estate Planning or Administration, Business and Corporate affairs, Litigation or Labour and Employment issues, or matters related to Criminal or Personal Injury law, WARDS LAWYERSPC has the expertise to support you.

Our commitment extends beyond the courtroom. We value our connection to our community and actively participate in various aspects of local life. From engaging with businesses and practitioners to supporting schools and recreational activities, we’re not just your legal advocates; we’re your neighbours, invested in the well-being of our community.

WARDS LAWYERSPC is more than a law firm; it’s a community partner. We raise awareness about critical issues affecting our community, including mental health and addiction. Our dedication goes beyond legal representation; we strive to contribute to the overall welfare of the City of Kawartha Lakes.

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